Decade Computer Services, Inc.


 Network Installations 

         Our nation wide services also offers support and consulting services for a wide range of networking and technical issues. 

         Our highly qualified and experienced team of local and wide area network specialists can assist you in setting up and maintaining your computer network. These services include firewalls and other network design, support and integration services, As well your Internet system integration. Please see below. 

           Particular features of our Network Solutions 

Our nation wide services includes an innovative concept call, Internet system integration - also call Web sourcing, Web integration, and strategic Internet services. In other words "Business-to-Business Transactions" using
world wide power of the internet.. Decade has used the power of the NET
in-house since 1994, let us demonstrate how your business can grow and
prosper with a web systems internet analysis.

  • Certified Network Engineers and system administrators can provide your organization with support for Windows NT, Novell Network and Unix systems including the associated email, messaging and groupware products for each of these platforms. 
  • We have many years of experience with a wide range of Cisco routing, bridging and switching hardware which will make inter networking your organization a breeze. 
  • Decade has proven experience with modems, routers, ISDN, Frame Relay, DSL, switches and a variety of network protocols.
If you have a network and want to put your organization on the Internet, let us offer you a truly complete one stop solution to all of your networking requirements. 
To find out if Decade can help your organization, email us today at