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Twinhead N1400 Twinhead has just redefined the travelized notebook by introducing the N1400, 5.6lbs with battery   installed, that combinesIntel® 
Mobile Pentium® 4 CPU processing power, Apple® Powerbook® style and Panasonic® ToughBook® durability.Durable than any other notebook computers in its class, the N1400 boasts a military-compliant magnesium casing that protects the screen from just about any damage. In addition, its hard drive is safeguarded with a foam rubber padding that meets the MIL-STD-810E vibration and drop  specifications. With its unique keyboard design, N1400 will be continue running even if you accidentally spill your cup of coffee all over thekeyboard. Stylish in shape and color, N1400ís ergonomic designs include placing all of its ports toward the front of the system for easy access. The lid can be opened with one finger, freeing one of your hands for other tasks when you are on the go.
Powered by the latest mobile CPU technology from Intel, in conjunction with the IEEE-802.11b Wireless LAN capability, it is the ideal partner for business executives who constantly runs Microsoft Office Suite, surfs Internet from home, office or on the road  See what Laptop Magazine has to say Ö
"Alright, so itís durable, but can the Twinhead N1400 serve as your only PC? You bet. Since N1400 is designed as a go-anywhere laptop instead of as a desktop replacement, the used of integrated video and audio in the VIA P4N266Ö; reduced the overall power consumption of the system compared to discrete audio and video chips."

                 "Overall, we found that N1400ís input system to be excellent. The keyboard offers a comfortable feelÖ"

                                         Laptop Magazine    November 2002 


                                         N1400    S P E C I F I C A T I O N S
                      CPU                          Intel® Mobile Pentium® 1.6GHz and higher
                      RAM                        128MB / DDR-266 DRAM
                      Keyboard                85(US) keys
                      Screen                     14.1" TFT w/ XGA
                     USB2.0                    3
                     1394 FireWire          1
                     S-Video Port            1
                     Monitor Port           1
                     Infrared Port            1
                     Internet Hot key     4
                     PCMCIA                  1 Type II socket
                     HDD                         20/40/60GB
                     CD-ROM                  24X CD-ROM or DVD-CDRW Combo
                     Battery                     Smart Lithium-Ion
                     Int. Modem             56Kbps
                      Int. Ethernet           10/100BaseT
                      Wireless                  Built-in 802.11b module
                      Case                         Magnesium
                      Pointing Device     Mouse Pad with Scroll buttons
                      W A R R A N T Y Standard one year warranty on parts and labor
                      Optional extended warranties, including ExpressCare with 48-hour turnaround, can be purchased separately
                                                            ...more N1400 Spec's
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                    Twinhead Product Pricing
                   Recommended Configurations
N2700-C17TK20CA    N2700-16TK20CB      2700-16TK20XB                N2380-16TK
Celeron 1.7 Ghz            P-4 1.6 Ghz           P-4 1.6 Ghz             PIII-1Ghz
14.1"TFT LCD               14.1" TFT LCD         14.1" TFT LCD           12.1" TFT LCD
20 GB HDD                  20 GB HDD             20 GB HDD               20GB HDD
128MB Memory               256MB Memory          256MB Memory            128MB on board
Modem/LAN                  Modem/LAN             Modem/LAN               Modem/LAN
CD ROM                     CD ROM                Combo Wireless          LAN 802.11 built-in
Carry Case                 Carry Case            Carry Case              Combo
Win.XP Home                Win. XP Home          Win. XP Home            Carry Case
Win. XP Home
                                                                             Complete N2700 Spec


         N7600 SPECís
CPU:  Intel® Pentium® 4
1.6GHz-2.2GHz and above socket 478
RAM:  128MB (Exp. 1GB) DDR200 SDRAM / DD266
Cache:  256/512K
Keyboard:  87 (US) keys
Screen:  14.1" XGA TFT
USB:  x2
TV-Out (S-Video):  x1
SPDIF:  x1
FDD:  Int. USB 1.44MB
HDD:  20/40 GB
CD-ROM:  24x CD-ROM or 8x DVD-ROM or or 8xDVD-CDRW Combo
Battery:  Smart Lithium-Ion
Int. Modem:  56Kbps
Int. Ethernet:  10/100BaseT
Twinhead PCs use genuine Microsoft® Windows® 

Presenting the N7600, the new cost effective multimedia notebook from Twinhead. This model 
is designed around a "3 spindle" platform incorporating an internal floppy drive, internal 
media drive (CD ROM or DVD/CDRW) and an internal hard drive. Along with Intel®Pentium®4 
processing power, the unit comes with Super Video TV output and a SPDIF Optical connection 
to maximize digital audio output. Offered with a brilliant 14" LCD display, the system comes
standard with an internal FAX/MODEM and internal 10/100 LAN. So, for true mobile computing 
power at a cost effective price, consider the N7600 from Twinhead.



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