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Harry C. Birch, jr. (My father)
       Muster Log Oct. 1944

Grant H. Wykhuis Personal Story
Commanding WWII Subchasers


SHIPS (partial list) MENTIONED IN SC-531 LOG

GREAT SUBCHASER SITES                                                            

Great Video Of South Pacific Islands
Visited By SC-531 During WWII
(Courtesy of Google and )

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  * pictures courtesy of  Grant Wykhuis

** pictures courtesy of  Jim Mertle  

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                                 SC-531 information compiled from the public records of :
                                                    1. The U.S. National Personnel Records Center
                                                    2. National Archives at College park, Md.
                                                    3. Family records and discussions
                                                    4. Conversations with SC-531 Commanding Officer Grant H. Wykhuis
                                                         of Marquette, MI.
                                                    5.  Email research assistance from subchaser experts, Navy veterans:
                                                           Henry Doscher, Jr. Author of "Subchaser InThe South Pacific"
                                                           Theodore R. Treadwell,
                                                               Author of "The Wooden Subchasers of World War II"
                                                           Jim Heywood ,Chairman, Patrol Craft Sailors Association,Cincinnati, OH
                                                           Duane”Bucky”Walters, Ship’s Store DirectorPatrol Craft Sailors Association
                                                           E.J. Comeau,  PC 553/1228, PCSA Historian,  Phoenix, Az.
                                                           Wesley E. Hall,  SC-995 Site
                                                     6. Great Navy oriented web sites, such as:
                                                                    GREAT SUBCHASER SITES

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