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South florida toP races 2005


        Top, running Guru Jeff Galloway (R),                    
   with Bob Birch (L), Peachtree 2005 participants          

Above, Meb Keflezighi USA 2004 Olympic Silver medal and winner 
and Mark Hendelson, of  Lake Mary, Fla at  2004 Chicago Marathon.
      7 Mile Keys 2005 Bridge Run Starting Line

                                                                                         7 Mile Keys 2005 Bridge Run Starting Line
                                                                                                and Bob Birch getting ready to run

Hill Training ? Try Pittsburgh. Winter Dec 2004, 
one of Brookline's smaller slopes !!
Picture courtesy of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Rare Trips for the Adventurous
Got a burning desire to get in that training run, outside or in a fitness center ? Need to log a few miles but your in the boonies away from home or in a big city and haven't got a clue ? Then this is the site for you, bookmark it, check it out on the road and email me feedback and/or info on your favorite running spot. Explore the dock's of Baltimore, deepest jungles of the Everglades, bayous of Louisiana, urban beat of New Orleans, mountains of New Mexico.You've landed at the right Web Site - Bob's Running Site for Laptop Warriors.

Mission Of This Page

This list contains information oriented for automobile travelers, primarily in the SE USA, who drive the Interstate highways and need a place to get in a training run or need a fitness center while on the road in an unfamiliar area.

The criteria used in compiling the list was based on the subjective observations of a back of the pack dedicated runner,
friends and running club members, who personally ran these locations, some numerous times. The primary parameters were:

        1. A location easy and fast to find from the Interstate or major road.
        2. Preferably a park, enclosed, oriented for walkers, runners and bikers.
            Away from the traffic or unfamiliar city streets.
       3. Safe, plenty of fellow runners, unique, interesting.
       4. Flat or rolling hills ( Florida bias)
       5. Good secure parking, free, water, rest rooms.

Click on a city below for the data.

CITIES  281+ Locations USA & Worldwide

                   ALABAMA             CALIFORNIA              MARYLAND           ENGLAND

 Birmingham  San Francisco      Baltimore         London 
  Santa Barbara      Gaithersburg

                             FLORIDA                        FRANCE          GEORGIA             INDIANA

Boca Raton
Coral    Springs
Deerfield Beach
Ft. Laud
Pompano Beach


      Powder Springs


  Key West  Tampa        Savannah
 Tallahassee   West Palm Beach


New Orleans    Boston Philadelphia


  Pittsburgh Hike for Health Trails


 San Juan


     Long Island
  Albuquerque Beaufort



New Bern



                          Texas                 VIRGINIA             VIRGIN IS.        WYOMING        WASH.,D.C. 

Austin  Norfolk
   St. Croix   Cheyenne       Wash.,DC
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         South Carolina Trails 

Example ImageAlbuquerque, New Mexico
      1. Location - Univ of New Mexico Golf Course + Paseo Del Nordeste Trail
      2. Distance - 4m+ loop from campus, round golf course, out on endless trail
      3. Surface  - Dirt round the course, sidewalk on trail, small hills, 5000+ ft elevation
      4. Safety    - Good till dusk, heavy use, park om campus near clubhouse
Example ImageAtlanta, Georgia
      1. Location - Chattahoochee River Park, Power Ferry Rd and I-285
      2. Distance - 1.5m loop, marked, longer routes possible
      3. Surface  - Dirt path, wide, heavily used, along river
      4. Safety    - Good till dusk, parking lot off I285 access rd, wait for spot
       1.. Location -Cheatham Hill Park (Duane's revenge),Powder Springs, Ga.
                            on Calloway past Powder Springs Rd, 1m on left
       2.. Distance -  Dirt path thru woods, hugh hills, guide needed, 5M loop, tough
       3. Surface  -    Dirt path  rough with holes, roots,etc.
       4. Safety   -     ok till dark
        1. Location - Wildwood Park, Marietta, Ga. (Atlanta suburb) (Haven’t run this yet)
                             So Cobb Pkwy & Barclay Circle. Top of the hill cross from Lockheed
        2. Distance -  28 acres, 9m trail, dirt path, hills, 16 fitness stations
        3. Surface -   Dirt path  rough with holes, roots,etc.
       4. Safety   -    Unknown, ok till dark I guess (Haven’t run this yet)
Example ImageAustin, Tx
      1. Location - Bat Bridge River front Park, downtown and Austin Texas Town Trail
      2. Distance - 4m+ along river with longer 5, 7 and 10 mile loop routes possible via bridges.
      3. Surface  - Wide, flat, crushed rock and dirt path, some sidewalks and asphalt
      4. Safety    - Heavy use, good till dusk, then watch 1.5 million Mexican free-tail bats exit the south end
                          of the Congress Ave Bridge!( Apr to Oct). When in Austin one of the best can't miss running 
                          places is the Town Lake trail. It is near downtown Austin with a winding 10 mile trail around the lake                            with water stations by Runtex and restrooms. Great views of river, Austin skyline. There are shorter routes                            with pedestrian bridges from 2 miles and up. Very popular place for local runners.
Example ImageBaltimore, Maryland
      1. Location - Key Highway to Ft. McHenry- Start Inner Harbor, SE to
                           Key Hwy and Fort Ave to inside Ft. McHenry & back
      2. Distance - 6+m if return via Fed hill
      3. Surface  - Streets and side walk, watch traffic, asphalt in the Fort
      4. Safety    - ok till dusk, super view in Fort & Fed Hill
      1a. Location - Northern Central Railroad Trail Gunpowder Falls State Pk
                            I83N, exit #20, r on York rd to Ashlander, l 1m to park
      2a. Distance - 19 miles long thru woods, deer,etc.
      3a. Surface  -  dirt, gravel path, nice
      4a. Safety    -  ok till dusk
Example ImageBirmingham, Ala
      1. Location - Samford University, Lake Shore Drv exit 245 off I65N
      2. Distance - 1/4m track in football stadium
      3. Surface  -  asphalt track
      4. Safety    -  lights, students safe at night
Example ImageBoca Raton, Florida              (Road tested by Tim Golly)
1. Location      - A1A at Palmetto Park Road in Boca Raton. Palmetto Park Road to A1A
2. Distance      - Your choice - course is out-and-back. Running to Spanish River Blvd.,
                          then to the bridge and back to Palmetto yields about 5 miles and change.
3. Surface       - walking/running path along A1A, asphalt.  Problems in some areas
                         where the path is not flat
4. Safety         - Heavily traveled, parking: free, either along Palmetto Park road or in the lot north of the
                         convenience store on the Northwest corner of A1A and Palmetto
Example Image Boston, Mass
      1. Location - Charles River, Cambridge
      2. Distance - Varies, depends on route from 2m to 8+
      3. Surface  - Sidewalk,  flat along Charles River and Memorial Drv
      4. Safety    - Very heavy use till 8PM, partially lighted, park cross
                           from  WBZ tower
Example ImageCharlotte, NC
      1. Location - Jetton Park on Lake Norman 20m N of Charlotte, exit #28 I77
      2. Distance - 1.5m loop
      3. Surface  -  asphalt, woods, nice around Lake Normand
      4. Safety    - Ok till dusk
       1. Location - Downtown Beaufort, NC on the waterfront at Atlantic Ocean.
       2. Distance - 2.4m to 4.8m. Start at the west end of Front St. and run east past
                           boats and watefront pier, restaurants,etc. Head east along waterway
                           toward ocean, on streets past homes using sidewalk and street.
                           Go approx 2.4m to crab factory at end and turn, loop back to starting
                           point. Great run, watch cars on street.
        3. Surface - Sidewalk, boardwalk and street
        4. Safety -  Safe till sundown, lots of walkers, runners.
        5. Fitness -   Downtown Beaufort and Eastern Athletic Club, Beaufort, NC 28516
                           Health Club at 105 Professional Park Drv., off Rt# 70 past Food Lion,
                           behind church 252-728-1700 Great health club, treadmills, free weights, etc.
Example ImageCheyenne, Wyoming
      1. Location - Lions Park,
      2. Distance - 1m loop around lake by neat zoo (real Buffalo)
      3. Surface  - Asphalt, dirt, sidewalk, hills in park, 6062' elevation
      4. Safety    -  Heavy use, ok to sundown
Example ImageColumbia ,SC
      1. Location - Columbia River front Pk, downtown, forgot street name
      2. Distance - 2m asphalt, 3m dirt up to spillway and back
      3. Surface  - 2m asphalt, 3m dirt path, along river and woods, nice
      4. Safety    - Good till dusk, no lights past park
      1. Location - McLeod Fitness Club, Florence, SC (Haven’t run this yet)
                            I-95 N exit 160A, 1.5m east on business I-20, big new bldg.
                            on right
       2. Distance - .6m  around bldg.
       3. Surface  -  asphalt track
       4. Safety    -  Lights, looks lonely at night
       5. Fitness -    Plush center with 200+ exercise machines,pool, etc.
Example ImageCoral Springs, Florida
      1. Location - Cypress Creek Park, on Coral Ridge Drv 1 blk N of Atlantic Blvd
      2. Distance - 2.2m via two different loops:  round asphalt path on perimeter, cross
                           over big bridge, round soccer field & parking lot, back round perimeter
      3. Surface  - Asphalt path, 6' wide
      4. Safety    - Lighted, good till 10PM every nite, well used, active park
      5. Fitness   - Coral Springs Aquatic center, 2m west of University on Royal Palm blvd.
                          Weight room, basketball, world class diving & swim center.
      1. .Location- Ralph Diaz park, one blk south of  Royal Palm Blvd on University,
                           behind Red Lobster,  a hidden gem, through small ancient forest, beautiful,
                           try on moonlit nite!
      2. .Distance- 1m loop, marked, 34 turns!, watch for gators by canal
      3. .Surface - Dirt path, 6' wide, watch out for small animals late at nite
      4. .Safety   -  Somewhat remote, careful after 8PM, I've run at 11PM no problems
      5. Fitness   -  Coral Springs Aquatic center, 2m west of University on Royal Palm blvd.
                           Weight room, basketball, world class diving & swim center.
Example ImageDallas, Tx
      1. Location - White Rock Lake Park, downtown off Interstate
      2. Distance - 9m loop around park
      3. Surface  -  Road, sidewalk, asphalt, trail, great place
      4. Safety    -  Till dusk
Example ImageDeerfield Beach, Florida                  (Road tested by Tim Golly)
      1. Location -  A1A at Deerfield Beach, Municipal Pavilion just above the pier.
                            Hillsboro Blvd. East to A1A;  Turn North on A1A and look for
                            the pavilion about ½ mile above Hillsboro
       2.Distance - Your choice - course is out-and-back.  Running to North end of
                           Spanish River Park and back would yield about 15K
       3.Surface   - Walking/running path along A1A, asphalt.  Problem in some
                           areas where the path is not flat
       4.Safety     - Heavily traveled
Example ImageFt. Lauderdale, Florida
      1. Location - A1A, by Beach, _-I95 E on Sunrise to Ocean
      2. Distance - 2.5m Bahia Mar N to end of Birch Pk or N far as you want
      3. Surface  - On sidewalk with detours, beach at low tide
      4. Safety    - Safe in tourist area till dusk
Example ImageGaithersburg, Maryland (Road tested by Montgomery RR Club)
       1. Location - Seneca Creek Greenway Trail in Gaithersburg - trail entrance on
                            Rt 355 in Gaithersburg, or the Rt 28 trail entrance near Poolesville
       2. Distance -  Gaithersburg to the Potomac River (20+ miles).
                            Go to local Montgomery running
                            club link :http://www.mcrrc.org/training/trail.html
Example ImageGreenbelt, Maryland (DC area)
      1. Location - Buddy Attick Park behind Town center, back of ballpark
      2. Distance -  1.3m loop round lake
      3. Surface  -  Dirt path thru woods, small hills
      4. Safety    -  Ok to sundown, heavy use, minimal lights
      5. Fitness   -  City Fitness Center behind Town Center, front of ballpark.
      1a. Location - Lake Artemesia Pk off Greenbelt Rd .5m So US#1
      2a. Distance - 3.4m loop round lake, outside fence & back
      3a. Surface  -  Asphalt, wide
      4a. Safety    -  Ok till dusk, lots of runners/walkers, fisherman
Example ImageHouston, Tx      (Top 5)
      1. Location - Memorial Park I-10W and I610, memorial Drv
      2. Distance -  3m loop
      3. Surface  -   Dirt path, flat, great place
      4. Safety    -   Very heavy use, partially lighted, ok till 8'ish
Example ImageIndianapolis, Indiana
      1. Location - Eagle Creek Park 1m west of I-465 and 56th St.
      2. Distance -  5K, 7K, 8K and 10K all marked
      3. Surface  -  Asphalt or dirt path, great hills
      4. Safety    -  Closes at sunset, $2 buck walkers fee
Example ImageJacksonville, Fl.    (Top 5)
      1. Location - Univ of North Fla Nature Preserve off St. Johns Bluff Rd
      2. Distance -  2.5m Golden Rod course (best-Super) and  1.5m Blue loop.
      3. Surface  -  Dirt trails, rough but flat, watch step, 1' wide in parts thru bush
      4. Safety    -  Lonely but safe till dusk, park by information booth
      1. Location - Jacksonville Beach
      2. Distance -  Goes for miles north or south
      3. Surface  -  Flat, wide sand beach, surface changes, or use Atlantic ave
      4. Safety    - Ok till dusk, plenty people, park at 13th St on up


      1. Location - Palatka, Ravine Gardens State Park, 1600 Twigg St., Palatka, FL 32177
      2. Distance -  1.8 mile. This location road tested by Mr. Quincy Masters
      3. Surface  -  1.8 mile paved drive through the park which is mostly shaded and very pretty. There are some hills. There                            are also trails to explore, swinging bridges to find and picnic tables etc.
      4. Safety    -  many runners do their training runs here

Example ImageKey West, Florida
      1. Location - A1A along water South Atl Blvd through Roosevelt Pk
      2. Distance - 4m+ loop Southernmost monument E through Pk past beach to airport, back
      3. Surface  - Sidewalk, street, dirt path
      4. Safety    - Watch traffic, ok to dusk, easy to loose route prior to So Atl
Example ImageLondon, England
      1. Location - Hyde Park and Kensington Palace, Bayswater & Edgeware Rd
      2. Distance - Several routes 3m+ and longer, loop lake & Pk
      3. Surface  - Asphalt and sidewalk, wide
      4. Safety    - Extremely heavy use, lights, ok till dusk
Example ImageLong Island, New York   (Road tested by Greater Long Island Running Club(formerly POBRRC)
      1. Location  -  15 or more Long Island locations go to local running
                             club link :   http://www.panix.com/~runner/runs.htm
Example ImageMacon, Ga.
      1. Location - Macon College Rt#80 & I-475
      2. Distance -  1.5m loop
      3. Surface  -   Dirt path, hills, around lake past oval track
      4. Safety    -   Ok to sundown
Example ImageMorristown, New Jersey
      1. Location - Loantaka Brook Reservation/Kitchell Pond and bike Trail,
                           I287S to Rt#124E(exit 35 Madison St),past Farleigh
                           Dickerson U., R on Loantaka Way
      2. Distance -  3.4m loop can go longer
      3. Surface  -  Thru woods on asphalt and trail, neat
      4. Safety    -   Ok till dusk
Example ImageNew Bern, North Carolina
      1. Location - I-70 E to exit 417, New Bern Bus. West, cross Trent River Bridge.
                           Historic downtown, start at Union Point Park (next to Comfort Inn)
                           go north on E.Front St., approx. .8m then thru city streets on sidewalk.
      2. Distance -  1.6m round trip but more if streets are added
      3. Surface  -   Sidewalk, streets, asphalt. great view of Neuse River
      4. Safety    -   OK to dusk
Example ImageNew Orleans, La. ( Top 5 favorite)
      1. Location - LaFreniere Park, Metarie, SW corner of I-10 and Veterans Blvd
      2. Distance - 1.2m loop, marked, perimeter of Park
      3. Surface  -  Asphalt, wide, flat
      4. Safety    -  Lighted, good till 9PM, heavy use
      1a. Location - Audubon Park, New Orleans, 6600 St.Charles Ave
      2a. Distance -  1.77m Loop of park, 5k if you loop the zoo
      3a. Surface  - Asphalt, wide path
      4a. Safety    - Ok till dusk, lots of runners, walkers, lights but...
Example ImageNorfolk, Va.
      1. Location - Boardwalk at Virginia Beach, I44E to Ocean
      2. Distance - 2.7m end to end from So Inlet to N end
      3. Surface  - Asphalt and sidewalk on detours
      4. Safety    - Safe to dusk, plenty runners, walkers, tourists
Example ImageOrlando, Florida
      1. Location - San Landro Park, I-4 & Rt#434 off Douglas Ave.
      2. Distance -  1m loop thru woods, park & start at tennis courts
      3. Surface  -  Dirt path, rough, narrow at points, small hills
      4. Safety    -  Ok till dusk
      1. Location - West Orange Trail, Orlando, Fl. (Haven’t run this yet)
                          Fla TP exit 272, Rt# 50W, 13m north of I-4 & Fla TP intersection.
                           Trail crosses TP with covered bridge.
       2. Distance - 19 mile long,
                            from County line station to downtown Apopka.Start at County line
                            station, mile 0.
       3. Surface -   14’ wide, paved. Lots of joggers, walkers, horses, bikes
       4. Safety -    Some areas appear lonely others have many users.
       1. Location - Hunt Club Drive, Wekiva, Orlando
                            Rt# 434 to Wekiva Springs Rd, N (approx 2.5m) to light at top hill, Hunt Club Drv.
       2. Distance -  3.2m+, park at shopping ctr (on left) run south on Hunt Club drv, past
                            golf course, up hill, past tennis court, round small Lake Wekiva (on right) & return
       3. Surface  -  sidewalk & street
       4. Safety    -  watch for cars, ok till 9PM+ less traffic
                   PLUS 30m NW of Orl
Inverness, Florida  (Haven’t run this yet)
       1. Location - Withlacoochee State Trail, Inverness, Florida
                           19m west of Wildwood,Fl off I-75 on rt#44w behind Police Station in Inverness.
      2. Distance - This trail runs 46 miles, from Trilby in Pasco County,
                           north thru Hernando County, to just south of Dunnellon
      3. Surface  -  Asphalt path, 8’ wide, bikes, walkers, etc.
      4. Safety    -  Unknown, haven’t run this yet
Example ImageParis, France
      1. Location - Aulnay Sous Bois, canal behind 1 Allee Du
                          General LeClerc
      2. Distance - 2.5m loop W to school, goes onto Eiffel Tower
      3. Surface  -  Dirt path along canal and on sidewalk
      4. Safety    -  Safe till dusk, no lights, not heavily used
Example ImagePhiladelphia and/or Pennsauken, NJ
      1. Location - Cooper River Park (Pennsauken,NJ), cross bridge from
                           Philly, Exit 3 NJTP, RT 130N to N. Park Drv
      2. Distance - 3.5m loop round Cooper Lake
      3. Surface  -  Asphalt and .3m on dirt
      4. Safety    -  ok till dusk, lot runners
Example ImagePittsburgh, Pa.
      1. Location - South  Park  Rt#88
      2. Distance -   4m+ start at parking lot across from horse track back
                            down Rt#88 and return, or thru park, hills can go longer
      3. Surface  -   Sidewalk, road plus .5m oval track
      4. Safety    -   Ok till sundown, watch traffic
      1a. Location - North Park, N of Pgh
      2a. Distance - 2m+ loop or more, variety of routes
      3a. Surface  -  Road, asphalt and dirt
      4a. Safety    -  Busy ok till dusk
Example ImagePompano Beach, Florida         (Road tested by Tim Golly)
      1. Location  - Pompano Community Park, Pompano Beach
                            NE 18th Ave just above NE 8th Street (near Federal Highway)
      2. Distance -  1.1 mile
      3. Surface  -   rice rock jogging path in the park
      4. Safety    - It might be a little spooky in the dark if alone
      5. Fitness   - complex that also has volleyball, basketball,
                          roller-blade hockey, tennis and a swimming pool
      1. Location - Pompano Airpark, Goodyear Blimp Base, and golf course
                          Atlantic Blvd. to NE or SE 18th Ave (Atlantic is the dividing
                          line, so Eastbound traffic will see “SE” while Westbound traffic sees sign
                         for “NE”) Turn North on 18th Ave and follow it into the park
      2. Distance - 4.5 mile asphalt path that goes around Pompano Airpark,
                          Goodyear Blimp Base, and the golf course
      3. Surface  - asphalt path
      4. Safety    - It might be a little spooky in the dark if alone. Parking: Free.
                          Do not leave valuables in plain sight though
Example ImageRichmond, Va.
      1. Location - Monument Street, downtown, VCU campus
      2. Distance -  4m+, start at VCU campus or further out
      3. Surface  -  City street, sidewalk, dirt path, flat
      4. Safety    -  Ok to sundown. lots foot traffic
Example ImageSan Francisco, Calif.
      1. Location - Golden Gate Marina East to Embarcadero, run past pond,
                          past Fort, Fisherman'sWharf  to Broadway and return
      2. Distance - 6m
      3. Surface  -  Sidewalk, asphalt, dirt path and streets. Super view.
      4. Safety    -  Ok till dusk, plenty of runners
     1. Location - Marina west to past marina to Golden Gate Bridge
                          via Presido to Ft. Point and Bridge
      2. Distance - 6m round trip, Awesome view
      3. Surface  -  Sidewalk, streets, dirt path
      4. Safety    - OK to dusk, plenty runners. Great view !
      1. Location - Presido, Lombard St. entrance  to Main Post
                           follow bike path and Rt#101N to Bridge
      2. Distance -  4m one way, go over the bridge for more miles
      3. Surface  -  Sidewalk, asphalt bike path
      4. Safety    -  Ok till dusk, plenty runners
Example ImageSan Juan, Puerto Rico
      1. Location - Beach at Isle Verde, Carolina. Behind Old SJ Hotel
      2. Distance - 3.2m loop, low tide, hard surface hotel west up to small pier & back
      3. Surface  - Sand, hard at low tide
      4. Safety    -  Busy, ok till sundown
Example ImageSanta Barbara, Ca
      1. Location - Cabrillo St., at beach State St. Pier E to end at Nature Pk
      2. Distance - 4m round trip, add .3m loop wood pier, head N more miles
      3. Surface  -  Sidewalk, asphalt bike path
      4. Safety    -  Ok till dusk
Example ImageSavannah, Georgia
      1. Location - Lake Mayer Park, Exit 16 off  I95, E on #204 ten miles to
                           Montgomery Cross rd, R 2 1/2m to Park
      2. Distance - 1.42m loop round lake, marked
      3. Surface  -  Asphalt, wide, flat
      4. Safety    - Very heavy use, lighted, ok to 10PM
Example ImageScranton, Pennsylvania
      1. Location - Lake  Scranton, Exit off  I-81, E on #207-S , 2 miles E of I-81,
                           top of the hill turn r into Hemlock Pking lot
      2. Distance - 3.5m loop round lake, marked, no head or water
      3. Surface  -  Asphalt, wide, decent hills, heavy woods
      4. Safety    - Very heavy use, ok to Sunset
      5. Fitness center - NE Fitness center, Birney Mall on RT#11,
                         South Scranton open 24 hours !! (12 hrs., Sat/Sun)
Example ImageSt. Croix, Virgin Islands
      1. Location - North shore, start Cane Bay, Waves motel, W along beach Rd
      2. Distance - 2.5m fm Waves Motel W to Carambola resort
      3. Surface  - Road, asphalt and side of road, good hills, beautiful view
      4. Safety    - Lonely, watch occassional traffic, till dusk
Example ImageTallahassee, Florida
      1. Location - St. Marks Trail, Monroe St. bout 4m+ south of capitol, past loop
      2. Distance - Bout 16m to St.Marks on the Gulf, flat
      3. Surface  -  Asphalt, 6' wide, dirt bike trail parallel
      4. Safety    -  No lights, good till sundown,  busy but lonely >3m's out
             Link to Gulf Winds Track club and over 20 additional Tallahassee great running locations:
Example ImageTampa, Florida   (Top 5 favorite)
      1. Location - Bayshore Drive, downtown, behind convention ctr, cross bridge
      2. Distance -  4.4m conv ctr to end, 8.8m rt
      3. Surface  -  sidewalk, flat along Hillsborough Bay
      4. Safety    -  good, all lighted, very heavy use till 10PM
      1a. Location - Al Lopez Park I-275N, N on Himes Ave, past Bucs stadium
      2a. Distance - 1.5m loop, nice, pretty
      3a. Surface  -  Asphalt
      4a. Safety    -  Safe ok till dusk
Example ImageVirginia Beach, Va.
      1. Location - Boardwalk at Virginia Beach  44E to Ocean
      2. Distance -  2.7m end to end, Inlet on South N to end
      3. Surface  -  Asphalt, sidewalk on detours
      4. Safety    -  Lighted, busy ok till dusk
      1. Location - Virginia Beach, Va., First Landing/Cape Henry State Park (Haven’t run this yet)
                           Virginia Beach, take Atlantic avenue north, left onto 64th, then one block to entrance gate
      2. Distance - 1.5m to 3.5 m or longer
      3. Surface -   soft sand/gravel/pine needle state park bike path trail  street, . to parking lot
      4. Safety -     Unknown, probably ok
Example Image Washington, DC
      1. Location - C&O Canal, Georgetown. area So of M St.
      2. Distance -  2.2m to Flecthers boathouse, goes 200m+ to Penna.
      3. Surface  -  Dirt path along canal, flat
      4. Safety    -  Ok till dusk, heavy use, no lights
     1. Location - Washington monument, mall and Lincoln Memorial
      2. Distance - 2m to 7m+ variety of paths
      3. Surface  - Sidewalk, grass, gravel, small hill up to Capitol or Wash monument
      4. Safety    - Ok till dusk, lot lights, watch traffic by roads
      1. Location - Rock Creek Park, Calvert Street and Connecticut Avenue
      2. Distance - An extensive system of trails and paths, running, walking, horses
                           huge park extends to Montgomery County. 1.5m to 20+.
      3. Surface  - Asphalt, dirt, etc.
      4, Safety    - Go to local Montgomery running
                            club link :http://www.mcrrc.org/training/trail.html
Example ImageWest Palm Beach, Florida
      1. Location - John Prince Park, Lk Worth, I-95 exit #47, W to Congress(L)
      2. Distance -  marked 5k, 10k and 1/2 marathon if you loop airport
      3. Surface  -  Asphalt path, dirt and road
      4. Safety    -  Ok till dusk, busy park
       1. Location - Dreher Park, I95 east side, exit Forrest Hills Blvd
                            Summit Blvd, parallels I95
      2. Distance -   1.25m loop, flat
      3. Surface  -    Asphalt, nice place
      4. Safety    -    Till dusk

Example ImageWilmington, North Carolina
       Road tested by Cape Fear Rogue Runners
      1. Location  -  5 or more Wilmington locations go to Cape Fear Rogue Runners
                           local running club link : http://roguerunners.org/RUNNINGAREAS.htm

USA Rails-to-Trails
       1. Location - TrailLink.com is a Rails-to-Trails Conservancy initiative dedicated to providing
                            detailed, up to date information on trail access, services and activities.Nationwide
                            network of public trails from former rail lines and connecting corridors
                            Link :  http://www.traillink.com/

South Florida Top Runners 2005/6

Andrew Greenidge                   Carmelo Crupi                          Keith Brantly

RONNIE HOLASSIE                        SONJA FRIEND-UHL                     TRISH BUTLER

JOSH BRASHEARS                         MARLENE PERSSON                     MARY NICHOLLS

TIM NICHOLLS                               DAVE KROUPA                             JORGE RAMOS

BOB DUGAN                                  ALAN MILLER                               Bill Springer  

AL SHAMOUN                                 DON KEMP                                    TONY DENIRO

MARTIN QUINN                             JEFFREY TAIT                              ALDO VIRANO

Paul MARMARO                           TRISH BUTLER                              HEIDE ARGUELLES

JOSE CASTRO                                  HECTOR RODRIGUEZ                  THOMAS COCCIA

LOUIS BEST                                     John Reback                              Laura Reback
David Reback                              Paul Reback                             Joe Monks 
TED BIRDIS                                      Stacie Alboucrek                  Bruce Kadota
Roger  Rouiller                         SYLVIA WEINER                          PHILIP WALKINS

It’s impossible to pick one individual. these runners consistently
perform at a high level and run numerous local races. this list is 
updated on a regular basis as more RAce data becomes available.
to add a name or race for consideration, please email webmaster.

1.       Miami Marathon  www.miamitropicalmarathon.com 
2.       7 Mile Bridge Run    www.southernmostrunners.com 
3.       Fantasy of Lights 5K  http://www.broward.org/parks/5krun.htm  
4.       Dunn’s RUN   www.splitsecondtiming.com 
5.       Parkland Scholarship Run    http://www.cityofparkland.org/ 
6.       jingle bell jog xmas sunrise  www.splitsecondtiming.com 
7.       weston rotary        half-marathon 5k   www.splitsecondtiming.com 
8.       miami and ft. laud        corporate run http://www.footworksmiami.com 
9.       tamarac turkey trot  http://www.tamarac.org 
10.   coral springs       half-marathon  http://www.multirace.com/halfmarathon/ 

              This page last updated on  Oct. 18, 2006

                  PHONE # OR RACE




Oct. 21- Miami -11th Annual Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Race for the Cure 5K, Bayfront Park, 830AM, 305-666-7223, http://www.footworksmiami.com/   


Oct. 21- Deerfield Beach - 2nd Annual Step To Independence 5K Run/Walk, 7AM, Quiet Waters Park, 401 So. Powerline Rd., 954-340-7600, 561-361-1950, www.csprr.com  


Oct. 21- Stuart - 6th Annual Run/Walk For Education 5K, Community Christian Church, 777 SE Salerno Road, 730AM, 772-334-3469, http://www.sailfishstriders.com


Oct. 22- Coconut Creek - Tradewinds Park Triathlon, 7AM, Tradewind’s Park, Sample Rd. & Fla. TP, 954-433-3475

Oct. 22  - Orlando - UCF U Can Finish 5 Miler and 2 Mile, 730AM, UCF main entrance at Alafaya Trail & University Blvd., runners 17 and under and over 65 only $10 bucks, 407-893-1313, www.trackshack.com 


Oct. 22  - Daytona  - Paint The Towne 5K Run/Walk, 1 Mile Run/Walk, Kids dash, RRCA North Florida 5K State Championship, Jackie Robinson Ballpark, City Island, Historic Old Daytona,  Beach St. & Orange Ave., 8AM, 3.1M loop thru historic old Daytona, 386-255-1719, www.daytonabeachcombers.com 

Oct. 26 - Key West - 3rd Annual Schooner Wharf Fantasy Mile, Key West, 630PM, Costumes are encouraged for this One Mile Race through the scenic waterfront of the Historic Seaport.  The course will be a flat one mile, starting at the Schooner Wharf Bar. The one mile course will take you through the Historic Seaport....enjoy the scenic waterfront.  http://www.schoonerwharf.com/milefunrun.htm , www.southernmostrunners.com , 305-296-7182

Oct. 28 - Ft. Lauderdale - Spooktacular 5K, Mills Pond Park, 7AM, 954-730-7752,  www.gflrrc.org 

Oct 28 – Destin - McGuires 5K/10K Run/Walk, 9AM, Active.Com,  McGuire's Irish Pub, 850-650-0000


Oct. 28 - Hobe Sound - Halloween 10K, 730AM, Jonathan Dickinson State Park, US #1, 16450 S.E. Federal Highway, 772-221-1419, http://www.sailfishstriders.com 


Oct. 28 - Orlando - 26th Annual Dick Batchelor Run For The Children 5K, 8AM, 915AM Kids Fun Run, Robinson St. @ Eola Drive, downtown, 407-896-1160, www.trackshack.com 


Oct. 29, Ft. Myers -  2006 Crazy 8K at Vineyards Park, 7AM, 239-434-9786, http://gcrunner.org/, http://www.ftmyerstrackclub.com



Nov. 4- West Palm Beach  -  Community Fitness 5K Run/Walk, Wellington, 730AM, 561-227-5157


Nov. 4- Key West -  Zonta ABC 5K Run/Walk, 8AM, http://www.southernmostrunners.com,   305-294-6840  


Nov. 4- Vero Beach - 11th Annual Dolphin Dash 5K, Riverside Park,730AM, 772-538-5507 http://www.sailfishstriders.com 

Nov. 4- Melbourne - Space Coast Classic 15K, 730AM, 4025 Windover Way, off Post Rd., .9M west of Wickham Rd., 321-783-6535, www.spacecoastrunners.org  , www.active.com  

Nov. 11 - Coconut Creek - 12th Annual Fantasy of Lights 5K Run & Walk, 6PM, Tradewinds Park, 3600 W. Sample Rd., registration deadline Nov. 1st, no race day registration, one of South Florida popular and best races, Holiday Fantasy of Lights is an annual holiday event that’s a treat for the whole family as they Run or Walk through a spectacular Holiday light show, 954-978-1135, www.broward.org/parks/5krun.htm  


Nov. 11- Key West - Lower Keys DAS No Name 5K Run/Walk, 8AM, http://www.southernmostrunners.com,   305-745-3027  

Nov. 11- Palm City - Palm City 5K, http://www.sailfishstriders.com 

Nov. 11- Ft. Pierce - 2nd Annual Veterans Day Seal 5K Beach Run/Walk, 7AM,  Navy UDT-SEAL Museum- Peper Park, N. Hutchinson Island, Karen Schlitt, 772-473-2972, KarenSchlitt@bellsouth.net, http://www.sailfishstriders.com 

Nov. 11 - Vero Beach - St. Edwards School 5K, St. Edwards School, 8AM, Denise Matteo, 772-492-2358, http://www.sailfishstriders.com 

Nov. 11 – Destin - Mid-Bay Bridge 4.5 Mile Run/Walk, 8AM, MidBay Bridge Run, Active.Com,  850-678-2323, info@nicevillechamber.com

Nov. 11 – Destin - Hog's Breath 5K, Destin, 3PM, Active.Com,  850-654-5962

Nov. 12 – Orlando - Celebration Health Founders Day 10K and 5K Run/Walk, 730AM 10K, 915AM 5K, start/finish Florida Hospital, 400 Celebration Place, Celebration, Fla., 407-896-1160, www.trackshack.com  

Nov. 17-18 – Pensacola - NCAA Div. II National Cross Country Championships,
http://uwf.edu/athletics/mcrosscountry/mcrosscountry.htm , rdobson@uwf.edu

Nov. 18 – Boca Raton - 6th Annual Boca Raton PAL Half Marathon, 630AM, Spanish River Park, flat, fast, scenic course along A1A, 561-361-1950, www.active.com , http://www.bocaratonrunners.org/ 

Nov. 18 - Ft. Pierce -  Harbor Branch 5K,  http://www.sailfishstriders.com 

Nov. 18 – Tallahassee - Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K/10K/15K, 830AM,
David or Mary Jean Yon 850-668-2236, http://www.gulfwinds.org/turkeytrot/ , david@radeylaw.com

Nov. 19- Ft. Lauderdale -  2nd Annual Wilton Manors Island City 5K, 730AM, 954-384-7521


Nov. 23- Miami  - Miami-Dade Parks Turkey Trot 5K/10K, Tropical Park, 730AM, Thurs., http://www.footworksmiami.com/ , 305-278-8668  


Nov.23 - Tequesta -  THANKSGIVING DAY Run For The Pies 4 Miles,  http://www.sailfishstriders.com 


Nov. 23 - Tamarac - 26th Annual Turkey Trot 5K Run/Walk, Tamarac City Hall, 730AM, Thurs., http://www.splitsecondtiming.com , Pine Island Road (NW 88th Ave.), City Hall is located a mile on your left at 7525 NW 88th Ave., http://www.tamarac.org,  954-384-7521

Nov.23, Ft. Myers -  4 Mile Gobble, Venetian Village, 730AM, 239-434-9786,  http://gcrunner.org/, http://www.ftmyerstrackclub.com


Nov. 23- Orlando - 17th Annual Seniors First Turkey Trot 5K, 8AM, Lake Eola Park, downtown Orlando, Robinson St. at Eola Drv.,  407-896-1160, www.trackshack.com 


Nov. 25-Key West - Hog's Breath 5K Hog Trot Run/Walk, 8AM, http://www.southernmostrunners.com,   306-296-0268


Nov. 25- Miami  - 4th Annual Jingle Down Main Street, Miami Lakes, 630PM, www.splitsecondtiming.com, http://www.footworksmiami.com/ , 954-384-7521  


Nov. 25 – Pensacola - Seville Quarter Turkey Trot, 8AM, Active.Com, 850-434-6211


Nov. 25 - Vero Beach - Runner's Depot I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Thing, 5K Run/Walk, 730AM,  Royal Point Plaza,  runnersdepot@comcast.net, 772-569-7364, http://www.sailfishstriders.com     



Dec. 2 - West Palm Beach - Marathon of the Palm Beaches 5K, 8AM, 561-833-3711  


Dec. 2 – Ft. Walton Beach - Jingle Bell 10K Run/5K Run & Walk, 9AM, Theresa Mepham, 850-578-7183, Active.Com, http://www.eventtiming.com/


Dec. 2- Orlando - 30th annual Orlando Half-Marathon & 5K Run/Walk, Downtown Orlando, 730AM, 407-423-2476, "The Coolest Race in Orlando", Start/Finish for both races takes place at Robinson Street and Eola Drive (northeast corner of Lake Eola Park) in Downtown, complimentary refreshments including water, Gatorade, oranges, bananas and bagels while you jam to some live music. There will also be the popular beer garden for the 21 and up crowd , www.orlandohalf.com, www.trackshack.com 


Dec. 3 - West Palm Beach - Marathon of the Palm Beaches, 1/2 and full marathon, Team Relay, 5K, Kids-K, Expo, 630AM, 561-833-3711, www.MarathonofthePalmBeaches.org  


Dec. 9- Orlando - RDV Sportsplex Reindeer Run 5K, 8AM, Lake Sybelia Beach Park, 290 Jackson St., Maitland,  407-896-1160, www.trackshack.com   


Dec. 10- Miami - Holiday Run 5K / 15K, Palmetto Bay, 7AM, 305-278-8668, http://www.footworksmiami.com/   


Dec. 17 - Jacksonville - Jacksonville Bank Marathon/Half Marathon,  7AM,  Bolles School, 7400 San Jose Blvd., 904-739-1917, http://www.1stplacesports.com 

Dec.23 – Marco Island -  2006 Marco Island Hill Run 5 Mile Race at Marco Island, 8AM, 239-434-9786, http://gcrunner.org/, http://www.ftmyerstrackclub.com


Dec. 30- Key West - YMCA Family Fun 5K Run/Walk & 1 Mile Kid's Run, 8AM, http://www.southernmostrunners.com,   305-295-9622  


Dec. 31 - FloraBama  - FloraBama Make it to the Line 4 Mile Run/Walk , FloraBama Lounge, 10AM, FloraBama Lounge, (850) 492-3048 or (251) 980-5118, http://www.florabama.com/ , Active.Com, cheryl@florabama.com 






Jan. 27 - Daytona - 3rd Annual Daytona 5K Run & Fun Walk, 7AM, Daytona International Speedway, each participant receives free T-shirt, free tickets to Rolex 24 at Daytona Speedway, 386-681-6350, www.daytona5K.com


Jan. 27 - Miami - Tropical 5K, 730AM, course same route used in the first portion of the ING Miami Marathon,point-to-point format finishing 5K away, designated race shuttle buses will take you back from the finish line area, The race will start heading east on the MacArthur Causeway near the east side of Watson Island. The approximate starting address is: 980 MacArthur Causeway,  race is in support of the Community Partnership for the Homeless, 305-278-8668, http://www.tropical5k.com/ , www.ingmiamimarathon.com


Jan. 28 - Miami - ING Miami Marathon and Half-Marathon, 6AM, wheelchair start 545AM, American Airlines Arena, race will start heading north in front of the American Airlines Arena, 601 Biscayne Boulevard (home of the Miami Heat Basketball team). along the MacArthur Causeway by cruise ships, Ocean Drive and beach, Venetian Causeway and boats, Coconut Grove and shade, Brickel Ave and back to AAA, 305-278-8668, www.ingmiamimarathon.com  




Feb. 18 - Ft. Lauderdale - 2nd Annual A1A Marathon and Half Marathon, 630AM, start at 17th St. Causeway and SE 10th Ave., head north along A1A, turnaround near Oakland Park for the half,  turnaround at Hillsboro pier for marathon, out and back course, "The First Marathon Beach Course In The USA", 561-241- 3801, 888-ESM-Sports, http://www.a1amarathon.com, http://www.exclusivesports.com/  






Apr. 13-14 - Indian River - Indian River To Ft. Myers Sunrise To Sunset Relay, 165 mile relay race, Indian Riverside Park, 12 person teams, 1030AM, www.sunrise2sunsetrelay.com 






July 4 - Atlanta - Peachtree 10K Run/Walk, Atlanta Track Club, www.atlantatrackclub.org, wheelchair Division 10K at 7AM,. 10K footrace at 7:30AM, begins at Lenox Square in Buckhead. The race finishes in midtown on 10th Street at Charles Allen Drive, alongside Piedmont Park. Send a #10 size SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) to Peachtree 2006, Atlanta Track Club, 3097 E. Shadowlawn Ave., Atlanta, GA 30305. We will mail you an application in March to coincide with its publication in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper on the third Sunday of March. Metro Atlanta and immediately surrounding counties should use the application from the newspaper. The first 45,000 Peachtree applications received at the Post Office Boxes are automatically accepted into the race. An additional 10,000 entries are selected at random from all remaining entries at the Post Office Boxes with postmarks through March 31, 2006. The race is limited to a total of 55,000 entries.






Oct. 21 - FloraBama - FloraBama Hot 2 Trot Reverse Duathlon , FloraBama Lounge, 730AM,
http://www.florabama.com/ , Active.Com, 850- 492-3048 or 251 980-5118, cheryl@florabama.com


Oct 21 – Clermont - Great Floridian Triathlon XVI, Waterfront Park, 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run, Sommer Sports, 352-394-1320, www.sommersports.com


Oct 21 – Clermont - 22nd Annual Florida Challenge Triathlon (Half GFT), Waterfront Park, 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run,  Sommer Sports, 352-394-1320,  www.sommersports.com


Oct 21 – Clermont - Floridian Super Sprint, Waterfront Park, .25 mile swim, 8 mile bike, 2 mile run, Sommer Sports, 352-394-1320, www.sommersports.com

Oct. 22- Coconut Creek -  Tradewinds Last Sprint Triathlon, 1/4M swim, 10M bike, 2.5M  run, 7AM, Tradewinds Park, Sample Rd & Fla TP, 954-433-3475,  www.multirace.com


Nov. 12 - Miami  - Miami Man Half Iron & International Triathlon,7AM, Larry & Penny Thompson Park, 12451 SW 184th St., Half = 1.2M Swim, 56M Bike, 13.1M Run, International = .6M Swim, 22 M Bike, 6.5M Run, 954-433-3475,  www.multirace.com